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Beginner's Hand Embellishment Course

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Level: Beginners


If you're looking to enhance your craft skills with a new hobby in handing beading, then you've landed on the right course.


Designed for complete beginners, you'll be shown the essentials of hand beading for clothing and soft furnishings. This is a great beginners course for those who would like to learn a new hobby in hand embellishment.


With it's easy step-by-step tutorials and digestible bitesize lessons, the student will find reassurance and confidence in accomplishing all of the techniques taught.


You'll learn all the names and attributes of the equipment used for this craft; you'll learn all the essential beading techniques suitable for beginners, and finally, I'll even show you how to transfer your designs onto a product.

By the end of this course, you will have acquired a new set of craft skills in a sought-after, declining art, and built the essential foundations that will allow you to hand bead any type of fabric surface to a beginners level.



Quick overview of the course:

  • Names of equipment & components (beads + sequins)


  • How to use your equipment


  • Where to buy your beads


  • 14 beginner's hand-embellishment techniques


  • How to design your own artwork


  • How to create a brief key to accompany the artwork


  • 1 method of transferring your artwork onto your clothing (or something similar

FEE​: £60


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