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Beginner's & Intermediate Hand Embellished 3D Floral Course

Course overview

Level: Beginner & Intermediate 


If you're looking for a new craft with traditional techniques yet modern design influences, then you've landed on the right course.


Designed as a supplement for our previous beginners courses, this popular 3D floral beading course will provide a fantastic variety of textured embellishment techniques with a feminine yet contemporary flare. These can be sew onto clothing and soft furnishings with ease. This is a great addition to your existing foundation of knowledge and will prove to inspire you to create unique textures with your beads and sequins.


We promise that all our courses will have easy step-by-step tutorials and digestible bitesize lessons so that our students will find reassurance and confidence in accomplishing all of the techniques taught.


In all our courses you'll be taught all the names and attributes of the equipment used as well as how to use them, and you'll also be shown a list of beads that you'll be using as well as where to purchase them.

This course will go through a selection of floral designs from complete beginner to intermediate level.

By the end of this course, you will have acquired sought-after training in some of the most exciting and contemporary 3D floral techniques. These can be used onto bags, accessories, clothing and soft furnishings.


Quick overview of the course:

  • Names of equipment & components (beads + sequins)


  • How to use your equipment

  • Where to buy your beads

  • 12 different 3D floral beading techniques

FEE: £75

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